Satayam Gartex is an export company, founded in 2005. It is headed by Mr. Jatin Sharma and its store is located in the walled city area of Jaipur.

Satayam celebrates luxury through simplicity and minimalism. Taking inspiration from history, each product crafted here reflects the aesthetics of a rich past. It works with a philosophy of reviving the crafts and bringing forth the traditional skills to preserve the antiquity of textiles of the bygone era. The company works in accordance with its designers and craftsmen serving as a congenial interface between the two.

The in-house products include garments, soft furnishings, towels, and fashion accessories like hand woven scarves, stoles, shawls. We believe in working with finesse, exploring different crafts like hand painting, block printing, natural dyeing, embroidery, quilting, etc. We are a well-known Indigo clothing manufacturer in India along with Organic clothing manufacturer in India. We have a range of latest & remarkable collection of Indigo, organic, khadi clothing. We are devoted to giving you the most recent & fabulous collection of Khadi clothing in India.