About Us

A monument of memorabilia, our establishment is born from the heart of Jaipur and has been enriching the trade of Indian craftsmanship since 1997. We grew, like an endless tale, from an archive of temporal fragrances through paintings, textiles and everyday objects, to a family owned venture that preserves the undying crafts of India.

Satayam Gartex Pvt. Ltd. has been a collection of travelling ideas, from the weaves of Bengal to the colours of Rajasthan. As a textile house, we have collectively worked with international clients such as Bam Ford & Sons, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Stella McCartney, 45 RPM, House of Lotus, to name a few.

The centuries old heritage of fine Indian craftsmanship is a wheel in perpetual motion. And our objective is to drive its narrative above and beyond. After decades of incessant wander, we have come home to celebrate the glory of our yester-years, to honour the past and reiterate the future. And the present day Satayam is a ceaseless recital of artisanal brilliance in pursuit of modern luxury.